"A humanitarian tragedy is unfolding in plain sight in virtually every corner of Los Angeles County: Nearly 58,000 men, women and children are homeless on any given night. Homelessness knows no boundaries and affects people of all walks of life.  Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative

What is ABD?

  • ABD is a program provider and ongoing residential home that provides recuperative care interim housing, continuation of medication and medical care plans, daily health and humane service programs, occupational, mental and drug rehabilitation services, case management, and referral and integration to bridge and long term housing for homeless patients that are being discharged from Los Angeles County area hospitals.  

  • ABD has a clear and concise knowledge of the diverse needs of its base clientele and how to best provide the myriad of services and support in order to take those clients from homelessness to permanent housing and out of the vicious cycle.  

  • ABD with its core team of MSW’s, LCSW’s, case managers, social workers, RN’s, LVN’s, CNA’s, interns, and extensive support staff is providing the highest and best level of round the clock 24 hour care to its homeless clients.

The truth behind the numbers

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