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  • A Brighter Day Recuperative Care is wholly committed to the care, recuperation, mental health and growth of each and every client that walks through the front door. 

  • ABD's goal is to reduce the high rate of recidivism of it's patients while increasing the success rate of the supportive services and care.  As much as 75% to 80% of repeat visits by homeless patients could be prevented at a tremendous cost savings to our client hospitals and county resources.

  • ABD is in a position to help LA County Department of Mental Health and County resources save a considerable expense to their bottom line year over year

  • ABD with its extensive community and social services case management resources helps drastically reduce costly hospital stays and ER visits.

  • ABD assists in connecting their patients to federal, state and county social services, integration into the interim and long term housing programs such as HUD, Section 8, LAHSA HMIS to help with rapid rehousing, etc...  Thus helping to provide a balanced and stable life plan that will reduce the need for extended hospital stays, er visits, or interaction with law enforcement.  

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